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​Hi, I'm Jodi, a professional copywriter with a background in writing, and social media. 
I specialise in helping soloists, small business owners, and authors get noticed with words
that are memorable, and leave a lasting impression.

And because I specialise in the types of services I offer, you can be assured,
that I am 100% focused on making your words count.

So, if you're tearing your hair out trying to find the right words or content
for your website, professional promotion, or ebook, you're in the right place.  

I write words for:
-- websites -- social media profiles -- professional bios -- eBooks -- 
I also offer social media audits and consultancy to help you 
make the most of your online space.

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What my clients say about me

It was a real pleasure working with Jodi. I reached out to her for some editing and copywriting. Admittedly it was very begrudging as I did not have copywriting in my budget, but knew I got to the point where I needed to call the professionals in. She was very responsive, I knew exactly what to expect and when. By the first draft, I knew my investment was totally worth my while! I would highly recommend Jodi.

- Chantal Khoury - Your Family Coach​

Working with Jodi was a breeze, we clicked right away and she instinctively knew the message and tone that I wanted to portray on my website.  My final copy was her words, yet my voice and this is exactly what I had hoped for.

- Jemma, www.yourvirtualasset.com ​


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Phone me on: 0418-225-553

A heads up, when I am in super-copywriting-woman mode, I mute my phone, so your best bet is to contact me via email or the contact form. However, I do try to return any phone calls as soon as I can – just make sure you leave a detailed message and your best contact number & time.